Bean Sprouts

Haaaa. This is my first post for 2008, so I’ve decided to put more effort into this one. This one’s a right real ripper, the true product of a literary genius, a masterclass in writing, a document to be retained for posterity, a classy piece.

In short, look out William Shakespeare, ‘cos here I come.

T’was a well know’ed fact that a couple of brothers in the departmente,
Refuse to eat nor toucheth beane sprouts,
The reason as thou wilt finde,
Was due entirely to a storie mention’d once upon a time by Mister Jeevs.

‘Twas once was a pair of lovers both menn, merrie and gaye,
Who love’d playing the game of cucuker and cucukee,
One day at the end of a particularlie vigorouse sessione,
Whan both were satisfie’d,
The cucuker look’ed downe and saw,
To his supprise,
A single beane sprout on his smalle elephante trunke.

How’d it get there, he wonder’ed,
It must hath cometh from his partner’s black ‘ole,
How is it possible for a beane sprout to pass through his digestive systeme intact?


11 Responses

  1. William Shakespears watch out??!! don’t give up your day job! 😛

  2. yati,

    Pfffbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtt! :p

  3. this is effort on your side??? *slaps forehead*
    but i kinda liked the poetic side of you. LOL!

  4. Certain things one does not wish to hear from one’s brother… this is definitely one of those things.

  5. you are the genius of humor 😀

    Happy New Year to you too!

  6. What did papa sprouts say to mama sprouts?

    “I’m sorry i didnt get you a present. I haven’t got a bean.”

    I’ve become you :p

  7. blusher,

    Hahaha, thanks for the support.


    Interesting tale, yes no?


    Thanks. :o)


    LOL. Yes indeed…

  8. Sire,

    It’s an honour to have been finally mentioned within your pages…

    Aas, i have been misqouted, “Fitnah!”, as good old Mazzy Ree from Langkawi would shriek…

    As I reveal the true tale, it will only serve to make it more unbearable and certainly less pleasing…

    Unlike your citation, brethren on brethren it was not to be…rather the cucukee had a labia to keep the black ‘ole company…

  9. jeevs,

    Blink blink…

  10. Aiyo…

    It was a guy and a girl lah!

    Your remix altered the details of the story…

    Going by your story, all our friends at work want to avoid bean sprouts they are being plugged by guys…which, I think, is not the case

  11. jeevs,

    That was that you told us ler…. Two of our friends refuse to touch taugehs after your story – Balak and Siewks.

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