What The Hell?

Six f*cking nil?



22 Responses

  1. they need a new defence and midfield…

  2. actually we need a new manager that is strong enough to tame the fans! we can’t go on like this! we have to give managers a chance to grow. 8 in 11 years! what the heck??!

    anyway… i don’t think i’ll be talking football this year… like last year!

  3. Lewis,

    We need a new manager.


    I wonder who would be brave enough to manage this club. Sigh…

  4. MU forever … Newcastle ..pui…

  5. MU FAN,


  6. *hugs*

  7. watched the match till halftime trusting the toons didnt require my presence for the 2nd half. bah.

  8. Lily,

    *feels better immediately*


    It was painful viewing, the worst in living memory.

  9. i hear Keegan is not ruling himself out. I’d rather have him than Hughes.

  10. Did you hear about Houllier? Oh man…

  11. haha…
    another french revolution!!
    mini-french team?
    or prob a few of his buddies at liverpool

  12. Maybe the return Boumsong?


    Bramble for Toon!

  13. Lewis and jeevs,

    It is very bad form to laugh at others who are less fortunate than you… :p

  14. you guys need a new owner lah. or the owner needs to learn how to act like an owner and not like a fan.. sikit2 tukar manager.. ingat Championship Manager isit?

  15. des,

    Sam is the first manager he fired. Also Sam was not appointed by him. We’re hoping that MA has a fantastic manager in mind. Not Redknapp, and certainly not Hughes. Shearer is not ready and unproven. Houllier is an interesting choice, but I don’t think he can take the heat.

  16. jose is free methinks. :p

    or that actor who played the toon manager in “Goal”. heh.

  17. anttyk,

    if he didnt like sam, he should have fired him on day 1. not halfway through the season. bringing a new manager now can cause more problems – you need to find who’s interested, sort out his terms, pay compensation if he’s already at a club etc. by the time that’s done, there’s very little time for the new guy to bring new players in.

  18. btw, i gather from the comments from the entry below, you’ve had your housewarming and dinch invite me, nine or sicko. You afraid we steal your hubcabs issit?


  19. 9,

    I think the actor was quite good.


    You are right.


    I am waiting for a ‘suitable’ occasion – Liverpool vs Manure in a cup final. If you guys do not mind coming to my humble home… :o)

  20. of course we don’t mind, do we lily?

    p/s: pls ensure that sean is invited too. :p

  21. the return of King Keegan…

    Another ‘looove it when we beat ’em, looove it’

  22. 9,

    Okay, set.


    Looove it. Not hoping for much. Top 6 is good enough.

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