Mr Cicak

As kids, Muks and I kept many pets. We had white mice (we refused to call them rats), guinea pigs, fishes, squirrels, hamsters, dogs and budgerigars. Our favourite was Big Steve, a female white mouse with an odd habit. She loved licking people, just like a little dog – her tiny tongue went slurp, slurp, slurp. She licked my mom on the elbow once, and boy did she scream bloody murder.

Sadly, due to my work, I haven’t kept pets in ages (discounting my two human pets on Facebook – Lils and Elaine). I think the deprivation is getting to me because these days I have taken to chatting with a house lizard, who hangs out on top of the Ikea lamp in the living room.

“Hey, how was your day?”


“That bad huh? Did you catch many insects today?”


“Good good. Remember to catch more mossies. Thanks.”


I need help. I think I’ll go out this weekend to look for some fishes.


11 Responses

  1. he he… J hates cats and I hate dogs (cause they’ll make the house smell)… so we have a fox and squirrel patrolling our garden instead 🙂

    deja vu… i think i’ve typed the sentence above before but not sure where!

  2. Hahaha! I think you should get an iguana. It’s more like a man-ly pet, don’t you think so?? hehehe….I remembered your white ‘rats’ which you brought to school back then. LOL!

  3. This Lils, is she hot? Should I be jealous?

  4. I do miss Big Steve. Still my favourite pet. 🙂

    Do they sell biorbs in Malaysia? It is a complete bowlfish-shaped aquarium that requires only 1 change of water every 2 months. My life saver.

  5. yati,

    Yes, I believe you’ve mentioned that somewhere here some time ago.


    Eeee… I don’t like iguanas.


    Lils is very, very hot. Fantastic personality. Very attractive.


    I don’t know. Haven’t gone out in public in quite a while.

  6. sorry… i’m getting a bit old and repeating myself. am i repeating myself again because i’m sure i’ve wrote that somewhere too!

  7. is it like me talking to Bert on a lonely friday night?

  8. yati,

    Haha. You’re not old. And I don’t think you’ve mentioned that here before.


    Eh… You talk to Bert every single day lar….

  9. No ur wrong…
    i dont talk to bert when he does not talk to me first..
    we have some silent moment some days!

  10. seamonkeys… 🙂


  11. siaoyue,

    Silent moments? You? Hahahahahahaha. *falls off chair*



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