Today is Friday lah.

I woke up this morning and thought to myself – what a lovely Saturday morning this is. I shuffled to the living room cradling my cup of hot green tea. I reminded myself to call C. Lengus to confirm when we were supposed to fish hunting.

I plonked myself on the sofa and switched the TV on. I watched Travel and Living for a while.

Hungry from gazing at food, I switched to CNN. Let’s see what those funny Americans are up to now. The familiar theme filled the living room. A booming voice announced:

“You’re watching CNN! The date is FRIDAY, January 18…”

What??!?? It’s 9.10 am!



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  1. glad i wasn’t the only one! when the alarm went off i was like… noooooooooooooooooooo!! it can’t be!!!! it must be ground hog day or something!!!

    so i’m sitting at my desk with a large latte and a pastry… not wanting to do work!

  2. that is SOOOO UUUUUU, Mr Tai

  3. yati,

    Hahaha. Fridays are not conducive for work.


    Oi, happened only once ler…

  4. You woke up in the morning when you thought it was a Saturday???

  5. hahahhahhahah….so funny!!!! LOL

  6. I think NIne woke up on a public hols one and drove to work. He’s a bigger eejit. he he

  7. Muks,

    Yes, I really did.




    Hahaha. He is a bigger eejit…

  8. everyday is friday here..ngek ngek

  9. hoiiii!!!!

  10. tommy,

    Me jealous.



  11. wonder what would have happened if you had decided to turn on your ps3 instead…

    i can imagine 1 hours later, boss calls and asks if you are ill or something… then again, better than no having boss or anyone in office even realise you’re not in office.

  12. atai,

    Oh I guess I would have called in sick that day. Haha.

  13. U r very cute lar…. bro

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