[16:15] sean: so, want to go tomorrow not?
[16:16] siaoyue: errrr
[16:16] siaoyue: lazy lor
[16:16] siaoyue: hahahaha
[16:16] siaoyue: if soem quiet night i dont mind
[16:17] sean: aunty lah youuuu
[16:18] siaoyue: ya i am old and lonely…like anttyk
[16:18] sean: anttyk is actually over 30
[16:18] sean: hahahahaha
[16:18] sean: that one different
[16:18] siaoyue: haha i am so gonna copy and paste this and send to him



14 Responses

  1. oh in case everyone is wondering, this is in response to going mambo tomorrow night

  2. alamak! merajuk? hehahaha

  3. siaoyue and Sean,

    Sniff sniff…

  4. kiddos. 😛

  5. anttyk is not old. he’s like wine.

  6. or is it cheese?

  7. sicko,



    Haha. I am most definitely cheese then.

  8. like cheese or wine? acquired taste is it? 😀

  9. yati,

    I am cheesy and slightly squishy. A little yellowish too.

  10. someone recently also labelled me aunty after i said no to going out for drinks in town 😦

    but it WAS past midnight!

    ok fine. so it was a friday.

  11. doreen,

    We are not old and feel no need to prove it to others. 🙂

  12. nevermind bro, we go and watch EPL lor.

  13. Hahaha….old man… Golden Oldies…hahaha

    Ah Pak Tai…


  14. 9,

    Okay! Set!


    *smacks vinass with a large trout*

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