Did you hear about the shoe factory that burnt down?

Two hundred soles were lost.


12 Responses

  1. At least your striker hasn’t lose his soul 😀 Wenger still thinks Owen’s great he he

  2. lils,

    My striker will score lotsa goals against Arsenal tonight.

  3. you never listen do you… 😛

  4. yati,

    Hahaha. I love bad jokes. You guys just have to bear with me.

  5. too many bad jokes my friend…
    soccer on thursday. hope it will turn sour jokes to sweet. haha….i am praying for a minimum newcastle draw or better still, a shocking win…..

  6. How do you a female shoe is having an orgasm?

    She can feel it in her soles.

    He he…

  7. Issokay Anttyk. Sacrifice a bit so Manure not at the top of the table. *huggles*

  8. Lewis,

    Looks like we failed… 😦


    Sniff sniff. 😦

  9. hmm…took me 50 years to get this joke…. ..

  10. What you will find here are bad jokes and quirky stories.

    can we have more quirky stories?!? 🙂

  11. how bad can you get? i shouldn’t encourage you, should i?

  12. vinass,

    Old and slow. :p


    I will try my best. *korek-korek* Nope. Sorry. No quirky story in sight.


    Hahaha. You just did. Look out for the next one, 🙂

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