Small Step

We measure our lives by the progresses we make.

Our first steps.

Our first words.

Our first kiss.

Our first s***** e*********.

I got my own room in the office today.


Okay now go away and don’t disturb me. I have to look important and busy.


9 Responses

  1. woOT….!!!!

  2. whoa….got nice view or not? Picture..picture!!!

  3. I heard there’s a cool (yeah right) sticker at the glass window….KE KE KE

  4. show off!! 😛
    i’m still working on getting my own chair! 😦

    congrats dude… now shuffle some papers to look busy!

  5. monica,



    Got a view of a garden with and a pond.


    Pfffbbbrrtttt… :p


    Hehehehehe… You mean you sit on the floor in your office?

  6. wah… means got big makan for us or not?!? 🙂

  7. atai,

    Can… Let’s go to Kedai Kopi Ijok. :o)

  8. Dei…

    About time, for all your slaving efforts…

    Took over TW’s room after he split to Spore?

    I have a nagging feeling that you’ll spend most time outside it then in…

    Can never look forward to individual room’s in here…even partner’s have open plan seating!

  9. jeevs,

    I prefer open plan. It gets a little lonely after the novelty wears off.

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