I Work Too Hard

Lafufflalfalfa… I must apologise for the lack of quality updates these days. But I won’t. Haha.

Anyway, I was feeling really poorly this week, so I went to see the doctor. After stripping, followed by some interesting probing and prodding, he took off his glasses and looked at me.

Doc: You tend to fall quite easily, don’t you?

Me: Yes. Once every two or three months.

Doc: Hmm. I think you are too stressed.

Me: Really?

Doc: You have been working too hard.

Me: Ha?!?!?! Okaaayyyy…

Doc: Try to find time for yourself, do some sports.

Me: Okey dokey.

I got back to the office and relayed this to C. Lengus.

C. Lengus: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Quack. Get a second opinion. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

This is not good, especially when it’s coming from your immediate superior.


11 Responses

  1. This is funny…sure what the doc say ar?

    Cause i tend to agree with Lengus…

  2. The doc may be on to something.

    I was suffering continuous toothache for the past two months. I left my job last Friday. No more toothache. Oh, the bliss of being amongst the unemployed 😀

  3. Very timely topic…I’ve been averaging 12 hour work days since the start of 2008…

    …and looking forward to another month of it…

    …shoot me…

  4. vinass,

    Cheh! You’re in Singapore, how would you know what goes on here? :p


    Ha? When are you starting your new job?


    Kesian. Pounds not easy to earn…

  5. sell the ps3 and get a wii… then can say u bowl, golf and even do boxing… 🙂

    dun believe… then see this:

  6. LOL… you been shuffling to many papers is it? i thought you just pretend to do work :-p

    how can the ‘tai chi’ master be stressed…..

    but then again..how do u explain the hair loss?? if it’s not hereditary!

  8. i wanna bring this matter to the minister of health!!!

  9. atai,

    I can’t. I love the PS3 too much.


    Shuffling papers lead to occupational hazards too… Paper cuts, sore fingers, stiff backs…


    I am not a tai chi master. >_<


    And what would the esteemed minister propose to do?

  10. mebbe it’s supporting the geordies which is giving u stress.. 5 fracking nil!!?

    what the hell was that abt?

  11. 9,

    Sniff sniff…

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