I hate Christina Ronaldo.

I hate the way we play.

We have no defense and no midfield. Only clowns.

Our strikers are starved and short on confidence.

I hate the lousy purchases Big Sam made.

Steven Taylor pirouettes like a girl.

Losing 5 – 1 is depressing.

It should anger me, but it hasn’t.

27 games played. 13 losses. 52 goals conceded so far.

Brilliant shit.


14 Responses

  1. cinta itu buta.

    tee hee hee.

  2. I hate Christina also. He is so salah.

  3. i’m sorry to say this.. but… drop smith and play viduka with owen..

  4. essentric,

    Sniff. Sniff.


    Luckily, he didn’t get his bloody hattrick this time round.


    Viduka is too static (aka lazy).

  5. buy a new manager..jose is a good choice

  6. Dude,

    It was clear from the start – King Kev is more of a Mess than a Messiah…

  7. tommy,

    We’re too small for Jose.


    What Kevin Keegan needs is more time. I just afraid that we don’t have that luxury, with relegation looming around the corner.

  8. then put martins la.. smith is not cutting the mustard at the moment.. sad to say.. 😦

  9. new office, new house, new toy.. somemore want ur team to win every game ah?

    cannot la.. life cannot be so perfect mah right? 😛
    haha.. just kidding..

    same like us lor, cuba lagi tahun depan pfffttt

  10. desparil,

    Martins is not fully fit…


    Haha. Not win every game, just survive. At the rate we’re going, we’d be playing in the Championship next season. 😦

  11. Give Keegan a chance lah. Kota Bharu wasn’t built in a day. Not fair to blame him on someone else’s mess.

  12. Lily,

    I am just hoping that we don’t get relegated before the real rebuilding work begins… 😦

  13. i’m not even thinking about relegation! but whatever happens… I WILL ALWAYS BE AND PROUD TO BE A TOON AND WILL SUPPORT THEM FOREVER!

    hmmmm… it looks to me that everyone has turned into a football manager eh? 😉

  14. king kev needs to get in some quality defenders. he needs to sort his defence first. his forwards can score but the problem is they’re leaking goals at the back.

    better to draw 0-0 than to lose 10-0.

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