I was away from my laptop, when a lightbulb went *ding!* above C. Lengus’ head.

He drew this.


Now can anyone tell me wtf this is?

= = =

Oh and by the way, siaoyue started her blog today. Go there and disturb her. Click here.


9 Responses

  1. Bro, that doesn’t look like the PUNDAK logo, kan?

  2. YB,

    Soon soon… Coming up with my manifesto.

  3. wtf is that?

  4. I think C. Lengus ( is it short for cunninglingus btw) wants to be called Mr. Chin (geddit?)

    Yeah. I’ve become as good as Anttyk when it comes to corny jokes ..he ..he

  5. monica,

    I also dunno wor… 🙂


    What’s cunningwhatsit? Never heard that word before. :p

    Haha. Mr Chin.

    Actually, the pic looks a little some one performing fe****o. Or is it just me?

  6. he saw too many Edison’s photos la apa lagi

  7. A self portrait?

  8. spiller,

    Haha. The Bobo Chan ones?


    I certainly hope not.


    … You also dunno ah? Sigh.

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