I really, really need to take a passport photo today. In fact I can’t stress enough how much I need to take that photo.

And, of all days…

I had to grow a HUGE pimple on my cheek.

Bloody. Bugger. Brilliant.

Now I will have a picture of me with Mount Everest (times one hundred zillion) on my face.

I wonder if the uncle has Photoshop…


7 Responses

  1. This zit, does it have a yellow dot on it? Looking like it’s gonna explode? Kewl!!! Hehe!

  2. don’t worry they should have photoshop.
    My bro got it ‘fixed’ with it when he took his picture.
    You could ask them if they allow u to have a goatee

  3. blusher,



    Haha. I seriously don’t think the cheap studio I am going to has Photoshop ler… It’s okay, I’m not vain.

  4. dab a bit of concealer on lah 😛

  5. if it makes you feel better, i’ve got 2 right now. damn PMS. are u PMS-ing too?

  6. yati,

    Ahahah. Nonononononono… Guys don’t wear makeup.


    Menopausal. 😀

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