Dagnabbit Part 2

And I thought having Mount Vesuvius stuck to my cheek was bad.


Boy was I wrong.

I woke up this morning earlier than usual, which is (errr…) 8.30 am.

Since I had to be in office by nine, I brushed my teeth, shaved quickly and changed into my Superman outfit.

I reached the office, and slowly ambled into the elevator. As I stood there, looking at the floor numbers going dododododododo… I began to realise that people around me were giving me strange looks.

Hmm. That was odd. Unperturbed, I shrugged this incident off and stepped into the office.

*four hours later*

I stepped into the washroom to err… wash my hands. I looked into the mirror.



In my rush this morning, I forgot to shave the other half of my mustache off…




17 Responses

  1. Didn’t you tell them it’s the latest fashion??? Teehee!!!!
    seriously, anttyk, i think you should go for a long holiday soon 😉

    thanks for cheering me up dude! 😀

  3. lol…

    wat were u doing during the 4 hours la… sleep in your room ka?!? just surprised your colleagues never said anything?!?

  4. hahahahahah ur work starts at 9 meh?? i thought it was 8……..

  5. blusher,

    I agree. I need to go on a long break.


    You’re welcome… 🙂


    They are too intimidated to let me know… Haha.


    For me it’s 9. For everyone else, it’s 8. Hehhehheh.

  6. i think you need football real bad

  7. lol … thats so funny!! 😀

  8. Are you old enough to shave, anttyk?

  9. Lewis,

    I think I need a break from football.




    Hmm. Good question.

  10. omg. horror. it’s akin to girls only stuffing tissue in 1 side of the bra, and forgetting to stuff the other side.

    not that i do that or anything.

    anttyk doesn’t need football. he just needs 1 team to quit losing!

  11. essentric,

    That is so damn true… 😦

  12. Snigger 🙂 Surely the “kei tiu mou chai” is not that noticeable?

  13. *smacks Muks on the head*

  14. OMG.. the things you go thru ah.. 🙂

  15. Flick cHick,


  16. How i wish i can see u that time!!!!

  17. Jessie,

    I bet you would.

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