Polling Agent

That funny girl, siaoyue woke up one fine morning and decided to volunteer as a polling agent for the Democratic Action Party.

And as expected, she forced me to come along.


Any snide remarks with regards to the hair and somebodee is gonna geta hurt real bad.

= = =

PS: Despite my grumpy post above, the experience was an enlightening one. We didn’t get paid, but what we got in return was the opportunity to observe the election process from up close. Plus, we were involved in the vote counting.


19 Responses

  1. why never steal one flag for me

  2. wooohooooooooo,,semanagtnya kita….
    whats with the hair???

  3. ok no hair, but Magpies lost to Kop, again.. sorry la bro 😛

  4. Lewis,

    How to steal when there’s like 100 people in the booth?


    Nothing is wrong with the hair.


    Sniff sniff…

  5. did the DAP ppl know that u cudn’t count properly. heh.

  6. did you go and vote or did you just count votes? 😛

  7. aiyoh…say mah…loyal supporter.. for memories

  8. Have you lost weight Anttyk?

  9. 9,

    Hahah. They don’t. 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, TEN!!!!


    I voted in the morning. Counted votes in the evening.


    Good memories. Nearly made me late for our show, though. 😉


    I have. A little bit. 😦

  10. Are you sure you counted properly? not like one, two, three, five, twenty, one hundred, five hundred, eight thousand like that ah? Polling Agent Anttyk. Hmm…sounds kewl.

  11. I agree that there’s nothing wrong with the hair. Your hair has been exactly like that all my life.

  12. blusher,

    I hope so… 😉


    Ha. Ha. Ha.

  13. hey, you’ve lost weight !!!

  14. haha…lost weight…I caught u eating ice cream on sunday

  15. monica,

    Ya wor… Not enough love. 😦


    You drove me to buy ice cream… It’s your fault.

  16. Looks familiar lah your background. is this in PJ?

  17. Kay,

    SRK Chinese Sungai Way. 🙂

  18. Bro, nice hair…. looks like its a bunch of……..short grass…no worries…mine is no where better than yours….

  19. btw, atai u suppport which party wan? i kasi pangkal sama keadilan aldy :p

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