Nine’s Adventure of Nearly Getting Squished

This happened on last Friday. As I was driving back to the office after lunch, I stumbled upon a funny sight. Actually, I nearly ran over it.

I was talking with C. Lengus when somebody-who-looked-like-9* jumped out in front of me. I slammed on the brakes.


As the smoke cleared, I saw, to my amazement, it was 9! He was doing some fancy rabbit-kungfu-dancing move on the road. Hop, mouyengkiok, sashay and just like that, he disappeared. I rubbed my eyes.

Later I messaged the fella.

anttyk: Were you in damansara uptown just now for lunch?

9: Yes i was. Were u d one who tried 2 run me down? Hoh!

anttyk:  Hahahaha. I thought it was you!!! What were you doing dancing in the streets?

9: The missus was in d boutique

anttyk: The wife was shopping and you were dancing? Strange…

9: I was on d way 2 stabaks lah. Wot u doing in uptown?

anttyk: I work there ler darling… 🙂

= = =

* Get a nick that has proper alphabets ler brother, not just one number. People are easily confused.


10 Responses

  1. ewww, u call 9 “darling” ????

  2. err, what kind of boutique in uptown ah? why not 1U or Curve instead?

  3. essentric,

    Apparently, I did.


    I dunno, please ask Mrs 9.

  4. ‘9’ is a very unique nick, thank you very much.

    uptown drivers are scary. they purposely try to run down pedestrians.

  5. You mean Nine dinch go prayers on Friday ah? hohoho

  6. 9,

    Pedestrians should avoid jumping around in the middle of the road! 😛



  7. dat was dangerous… now i know why ppl say coffee can be bad for health…

    wats the smiley doing at the side… 🙂

  8. atai,


  9. Who the mama is 9?!?!?

  10. mama,

    9 is my occasional futsal kaki. He hugs trees.

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