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  1. Someone’s missing from your picture. hehe

  2. Lils,

    I wonder who… Hmm… :p

  3. Mr Owen, perhaps?

  4. heh, finally! wind of change eh! notice the singular WIND 😛

  5. Flick cHick,

    Who? Heh heh.


    Passing of ‘wind’ is not allowed here.

    PS: Beye’s pose looks a little dodgy.

  6. it was pure joy!! i wasn’t sure if i want to switch on Score on BBC1 when i was in Brussels… in case… glad i did!!

  7. finally!

  8. Wot you mean ‘who..heh heh’…2 goals in 2 matches okay..don’t play play!

  9. yati,

    I was jumping around, whooping… It’s good to have a nice weekend for once.


    Finally. 🙂


    I hope he scores again. Against Totingham. Fingers crossed.

  10. dude!!! check out the scores for today!!! do i dare to talk about football yet?

  11. Well done to your boys Anttyk – however, it is SPURS, who are more unpredictable then the british weather…so entahlah…

  12. yati,

    I was hopping on my sofa… Boingboingboingboing… I can’t believe it!


    Apalah… Grudging congratulatory statement. Hmph….

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