Much Hopping Around


I is teh happy. kthxbye.


14 Responses


  2. 2 more wins and you guys are safe.

  3. yati,

    Toon toon toon toon…


    What a relief.

  4. Time to take out the ‘owen’ jersey, dust it, clear the cobwebs, and wear it with pride!!

  5. tsk tsk…the pictures not as clear taking from ur time i loan u my Ixus80is ok..muahahhahahhaha

  6. lewis,

    That jersey’s too precious ler…


    It’s pink… Yuck.

  7. well, u hv to admit, spurs’ defence was utterly shite that night. heh.

  8. man, I know lar Spurs got nothing to play for but that losing 4-1 at home was just silly lar. hahaha. Shebby must have been really really mad. ahaha.

    Oi go update HB.

  9. 9,

    Yes they were… But they’ve got Woodgate.


    You should have seen Sam’s face. :p

    HB will be updated when inspiration comes… Hehhehheh.

  10. Congrats Toon!!!

    p/s: 3 goals in 3 matches..w00t w00t

  11. martins looks funny………………… hairstyle ka

  12. Another great results Anttyk! Ace one.

  13. another win over the weekend!! *dancing around*

  14. Maggie,

    Thanks. 🙂


    His hair has always been like that.


    Hehe, thanks again.


    *dances with yati*

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