It’s Time

Today is my last day.

I am leaving the firm I have served faithfully these last 8 years.

As I pack up my things and say my goodbyes, my heart feels heavy, yet I am excited.

I wonder about my new job. I think of the new challenges ahead.

I think I can do it.



Last weekend, I stumbled upon a real life ghost. Scared the living daylights out of me.

Luckily, I had my iPhone with me, so I managed to capture its image.

(Note: Please do not continue if you have a weak heart. I don’t want people suing me. Seriously, don’t.)

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Freaky Superhero

9 Inches tagged me. So, here goes…


  1. Superhero power I want: I want to be Pap Smurf, I mean Papa Smurf.
  2. Why?: We need more silliness, blue fellas and mushroom houses in this world. Plus, Papa Smurf gets to call dibs on Smurfette.
  3. Downside of this power: I am responsible for an entire village full of guys. And only one chick. Talk about a ticking time bomb.
  4. My superhero nickname: Who’s Your Daddy? Pappy.
  5. My motto: I am the smurf that smurfed Smurfette. 😉
  6. Sworn enemy: Gargamel and his smelly cat, Azrael.
  7. Official vehicle: Papa Smurf does not have a driving license.
  8. Day job: Planting mushrooms, plucking mushrooms and eating Smurfet… err… I mean, mushrooms.

10 Things About Me That Might Freak You Out

  1. I have a huge rat in my living room. I talk to it.
  2. I can catch flies with just one hand.
  3. I am inclined to shoot first and ask questions later.
  4. I sing loudly to myself. In a tone deaf sort of way.
  5. I keep a smurf in my office. I torture it daily.
  6. I have a secret cache of ciku seeds. I keep them in a box and they remind me of cockroaches.
  7. When I am alone, I laugh. With no apparent reason. And no, it’s not those funny haha laughs.
  8. I swallow.
  9. I bounce on elevators. I have trapped myself once. There were five other people inside, and they all stared at me.
  10. I have not washed my car in a year.


How would you describe an accident where a truck loaded with turtles had been overturned?

A turtle disaster.

Little Mikey

Four goals in four games… Haway the lad!