Little Mikey

Four goals in four games… Haway the lad!


10 Responses

  1. oi! how can you put anything on Newcastle under ‘pointless ranting’???!!!! everything that happen there is important!! 😉

  2. we are in the semis!!!!

  3. yati:
    not if u view it with regards to their season. heh

  4. yati,

    I changed it… 🙂





  5. Haway the cute lad 😀

  6. is newc THE form team of the premier league?


  7. Lily,



    We’re doing okay, at the moment…

  8. what has Big Sam been saying then? I keep seeing him on telly but never really get a chance to listen to wot he has to say.

  9. lily,

    I have been watching him like a hawk these few weekends. He doesn’t say much, just the few obvious statements like – the team’s playing well with much more confidence, when you win matches your confidence grows, etc.

    To be fair to him, he didn’t say anything nasty or disrespectful about KK and the team. He didn’t look particularly pleased when we won, though. But I guess that would be asking too much of him.

  10. anttyk – good!

    9 – bad!

    nuff said! 😛

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