How would you describe an accident where a truck loaded with turtles had been overturned?

A turtle disaster.


11 Responses

  1. hmmm…. i was reluctant to click on your blog when you sent me the message on buku muka. but since you’re my friend i grit my teeth and click and cried out ‘WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???!!!!’ you are beyond help!! *sigh*

  2. yati,

    LOL. Have a good weekend!

  3. Ngggggh!

    You wait, Anttyk, I’m going to tag you again, you just wait!

  4. wat species were they?

    were the turtles hurt?

    why was the truck carrying the turtles in the first place?

    did the driver have permit for the turtles?


  5. I think all that audit support jobs you’re reviewing is bringing some serious ‘humour’ issues to you. LOL! :mrgreen:

  6. Lily,



    *whispers* They were ninja turtles…


    I think so too! Please helpch me!

  7. with jokes like that, thank god there’s only 1 anttyk! ;P

  8. well, i guess everyone’s got the same opinion about your ‘humour’… bwahaha…

  9. doreen,

    Pffbbrrrttttt! :p


    Haha, secretly everyone loves my bad jokes. They are just too shy to admit it… Hehehe.

  10. well, you know, i know… the rest also know la…

    dats why we always come back here…

  11. then what do u call a lorry where all the fish have overturned?

    a fish disaster?

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