Freaky Superhero

9 Inches tagged me. So, here goes…


  1. Superhero power I want: I want to be Pap Smurf, I mean Papa Smurf.
  2. Why?: We need more silliness, blue fellas and mushroom houses in this world. Plus, Papa Smurf gets to call dibs on Smurfette.
  3. Downside of this power: I am responsible for an entire village full of guys. And only one chick. Talk about a ticking time bomb.
  4. My superhero nickname: Who’s Your Daddy? Pappy.
  5. My motto: I am the smurf that smurfed Smurfette. 😉
  6. Sworn enemy: Gargamel and his smelly cat, Azrael.
  7. Official vehicle: Papa Smurf does not have a driving license.
  8. Day job: Planting mushrooms, plucking mushrooms and eating Smurfet… err… I mean, mushrooms.

10 Things About Me That Might Freak You Out

  1. I have a huge rat in my living room. I talk to it.
  2. I can catch flies with just one hand.
  3. I am inclined to shoot first and ask questions later.
  4. I sing loudly to myself. In a tone deaf sort of way.
  5. I keep a smurf in my office. I torture it daily.
  6. I have a secret cache of ciku seeds. I keep them in a box and they remind me of cockroaches.
  7. When I am alone, I laugh. With no apparent reason. And no, it’s not those funny haha laughs.
  8. I swallow.
  9. I bounce on elevators. I have trapped myself once. There were five other people inside, and they all stared at me.
  10. I have not washed my car in a year.

18 Responses

  1. urgh!!! too much information!! i really didn’t need to know whether you spit or swallow! YUCK!

  2. I bet u play FIFA 08 using newcastle to beat manu 8-0 whenever you are bored of manu winning

  3. yati,

    Haha. Sorry, I forgot to add the link. Click it now!


    I do that. I don’t get to play that often though… You know me, hard working bugger and all. These days, I’m playing another game – Ratchet & Clank. Quite nice, and I have to finish the game fast, otherwise Kuok Chien will kill me.

  4.’ve gotta be kidding me!!! 😀

  5. #10?!?!?! A whole YEAR? Damn gross lah you. Waitaminit, as in, you didn’t wash it, but you sent it for a car wash? Or langsung nobody washed it?

    Heh, mine was 4 months 😛 But unwashed cars got attitude right?!

  6. monica,

    You know me…


    One year, unwashed. With thick layers of dust and grime and tar. Yeah, dirty cars got attitude.

  7. aiyo!!!!

  8. yucks… yucks… phlegm… yummy… yucks… 😉

    i thought at the end, there was another female smurf (forgot the name)… teenage one. hmmm… that was your work, huh?

    as for washing the car, do what i do la… park the car outside (make sure its not covered). when you are sure its going to rain 9best to do this when it starts to rain), pour a bucket of soap water over it. usually it comes out quite clean! 🙂

  9. yati,



    Was there a new teenage smurf? Haha. Interesting.


    Smurfette is one of three female Smurfs in the village – but she was the first.

    from that site, ya… i remember the teenage smurf — smurflings. sassette is one of them.

    dunno who’s the 3rd… i saw on that above, there is mention of granny smurf… hmmm…

  11. does papa smurf have dibs on sassette and granny smurf then? hoho

  12. atai,

    Adrian… Sometimes, I worry about you.


    OMG. Yuck. You can have them 9.

  13. God u forgot one more thing!

    U like to make wantons with ur disgusting mucus and dump them in leftover soups from restaurants….

  14. siaoyue,

    I didn’t forget. The tag required only 10 things. I have lots more that I have not revealed… Yet.

  15. wtf kinda superhero is PAPA SMURF?

  16. LOL! Papa Smurf has a weird looking beard lah….Not sexy!
    Anyways, I tot I killed that rat?

  17. how much no one finds it disturbing that you have such a big fixation on smurfette? plus, big rat in your living room…you keep BJ there?!?!?! heh

  18. eyeris,



    Rat survives… Still traumatised, though.


    OMGWTFBBQ!!! BJ? Shudder, shudder…

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