It’s Time

Today is my last day.

I am leaving the firm I have served faithfully these last 8 years.

As I pack up my things and say my goodbyes, my heart feels heavy, yet I am excited.

I wonder about my new job. I think of the new challenges ahead.

I think I can do it.


30 Responses

  1. ’tis the seaon is it? a friend just left E&Y yesterday. heh. good luck anttyk! 🙂 go get them! blow them away – corny jokes and all 😛

  2. Good luck! May you find much happiness in your new job!

  3. Congrats on your new job and best of luck over there…

  4. “You can do it!”

    Rob Schneider

  5. eh, today also my last day… heh heh…

    great minds think alike… 🙂

  6. Best of luck Tony – big step, eh? Make sure you’ve saved all those important templates!

  7. essentric, Hui Min and monica,

    Thanks guys!


    All night long…


    Yes, I agree. Good luck Adrian!


    Thanks Anne. I forgot about the templates. Thanks for reminding me. 😉

  8. haha.. u can no longer run me down in uptown anymore.

    good luck at ur new place, buddy.

  9. All the best buddy…

    You and Dato’ are gonna run amok over there…

  10. anda boleh melakukannya! i hope you did/do the queen’s wave at your farewell…8 years!!

    all the best!!

  11. anda boleh melakukannya! i hope you did/do the queen’s wave at your farewell…8 years!!

    all the best!

  12. have I been banned from commenting? I’ve been having trouble making my (much appreciated) smart arse comments here 😦 but anyway, anda boleh melakukannya! i hope you did/do the queen’s wave at your farewell…8 years!!

    all the best!!

  13. Think about it. You’ll have a new bunch of people to terrorize and torture with your jokes. Ain’t life great? *grins*

    Seriously, I think you’ll have a new sort of experience and that’s not bad at all.

    Cheers dude!

  14. woohoo..finally…..! see u for yum cha more often! if u need a bed to bunk after all ur late nights in PWC…my guest room’s bed is always ready for rental.

  15. *shock*

    good luck!! you’re actually leaving the comfort of your own office? 😛

  16. Ah, from one frying pan to another – ’tis was the same route I took, lasted 3 years. Not a bad crowd at all!

  17. 9 and Jeevs,

    Haha. Thanks…


    Your comments were caught by the spam filter. I don’t know why. Oh, I forgot to do the queen’s wave…


    Thanks… What made you think I terrorise my colleagues? Haha.


    I will, if you are free. 😉


    I will miss my room… It’s quite comfortable.



  18. hi Bro……. where are u going then?…. Best of luck!!!

  19. Good luck Anttyk. I”ve moved jobs twice in the past ..err..8 months…I know how it feels.

    Chin up and bulldoze yo.

  20. Salina,

    Started today…


    Thanks… Stiff upper lip and all.

  21. yo ant.ass . all the best ok. when i need an employer i will look for u.

  22. d.ass, after that comment u left about anttyk on my blog, u think u have a chance of him employing u???

  23. check this out

  24. u love this

  25. Waaa.. 8 years oredi ah.. You’re damn loyal man.. Anyways, a change is always good yeah… All the best, dude!

  26. C’mon you Geordies! You can do it!!

  27. All the best!

  28. d.ass,

    Cannot. Stay where you are. Deloitte is a good firm. :o)


    I not that small gas one. Haha.


    Haha. It’s funny.

    Flick cHick,



    You were disappointed, weren’t you?


    Thanks man! Maybe if I can’t hack it here, you can hire me as your driver or something.

  29. yes i was..

  30. it’s time, it’s time.. time for what?

    time for update la!!

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