C. Lengus and I went to my favourite eating spot in Klang this morning. We ordered a modest meal – Chinese tea and bakuteh for two.

The meal was great. No surprises there. Well, at least not until after we asked for the bill.


Wah, the price has seriously gone up. By 30%!

I am getting tired of this bullshit. Our cost of living is skyrocketing year after year, and yet our salaries remain piddly and miserly. Soon, we won’t even be able to afford Gardenia Twiggies.


Ubah gaya hidup, my foot.


13 Responses

  1. do you need a lecture on inflation? 😛

  2. kinda expensive…u got added some “treasure” or not

  3. yati,



    No treasure. Just plain bkt.

  4. you just got new job what.. i’m sure that came with a new and improved salary.. hehe..

  5. Des beat me to saying it.

    new job whaaat. at least also got 20% salary jump rite? 😛

  6. 20% jump??!!
    oi!!! bila nak belanja kopitiam oi? 😛

  7. wtf happened to my comment earlier?

    neway, isn’t C.Lengus your boss in the previous job?

  8. errm…..
    r u still having BKT with me this weekend?

  9. yeah rite.. from someone using iPhone..

  10. desparil,

    Improved salary cannot match huge rise in prices… 😦


    … Where did you get the percentage from? Haha.


    Come back to KL. I belanja.


    Dunno. It’s not caught by the spam guard. I checked. Must have commented on some other site. Haha. C.Lengus was my boss… But he’s still my friend… 🙂


    Sure. Must be early though. Somebody’s coming to install the air-conds in my house.


    iPhone is cheap ler bro. The Nokia 8800 Arte thingy is expensive.

  11. bila kita mau pergi makan? not bakuteh la of course.

  12. 9,

    Anytime bro. 🙂

  13. not enough dosh to buy a ticket to Malaysialah… unless of course the trip to kopitiam includes a return ticket for me 😛

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