The Bag Tag

Lils sent me an SMS, which went, “U’ve been tagged mwahaha.” Oh man… I sket. Palms sweating and hands shaking with trepidation, I clicked on dubyadubyadubya dot lils is hot dot com. Huh? A bag tag? Hahaha.

Here goes.

I carry a black Samsonite laptop backpack. It’s two years old but looks reasonably clean, apart from the bloodstains.

Lower Front Pocket

Loyalty card from Thomas & Guys, with Skanky Posh Spice on the front wearing a huge purple and black afro wig.
Packet of tissue.
Samsonite warranty booklet and repair manual.
Parking receipt dated 5.5.2006.
RM1.30 in coins.

Upper Front Pocket

One brand new box of name cards.
Behbelly spectacles case.
Sony earphones.
iPhone USB charger and earphones.
Imation 256MB pen drive. Yeah yeah. I bought it 6 years ago. And it still works.
My car keys.
80g Samsung external hard drive with USB cables.
RM1.40 in coins.


Angpow from my grandpa received in 2007. For good luck.
20 pound note.
IC and driver’s license.
One Utama One Card. Damn useful for parking purposes. Balance remaining – RM5.00
Various ATM cards.
Various credit cards.

Right Pocket

Huanhuan, mascot for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
Gardenia Twiggies wrapper from yesterday’s breakfast.

Left Pocket

Bits of used tissue. Has some brown bits in it. Yuck.
Sony-Ericsson k550i. Wow! I forgot I put it there!


Some more bits of used tissue.
Some mail – an alumni letter from my university, love letters from my bank.
My firm’s lousy Lenovo T60 ThinkPad with crappy screen resolution and poor battery life.
A newly washed pair of socks.

That’s all folks! 🙂

I tag blusher and siaoyue.


10 Responses

  1. […] Bag Tag..doh anttky…! Anttyk suddenly sent me an sms, disrupting my working day! So today I have 2 blog posts.  His sms goes […]


  3. men carrying a pair of clean socks in their bag is is like women carrying a pair of clean undies around?

  4. aiya.. why you so fast go and do this tag? spoil market already…

  5. why so much tissue ah? sweat a lot or sneeze a lot?

  6. tissue??!! it thought that’s what sleeves are for… sweat and snot.

    waaaaah…. so rich one! £20!!! I’m not sure if i have that amount in my bank account! 😛

  7. I carry a black Samsonite laptop backpack. It’s two years old but looks reasonably clean, apart from the bloodstains.
    hmmm… you carry bodyparts ka?!? 🙂

  8. Doing a tag Anttyk? Run out of jokes ah? :p

  9. siaoyue,



    Not really. I just forgot it was there.


    Sorrrrrrrry. 😦


    Tissues are handy.


    Haha. I once used a 50 pound note to buy a newspaper. The evil look the vendor gave me left me speechless.


    Shhhhh… Secret. Haha.


    Hmph. Your fault.

  10. i know this is out of the topic but I cant let this one go

    glory glory man utd!!!!

    10 day’s of happiness

    NOW… another 100 more days to cheer and sing


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