I am selling my car, and buying a bicycle.

RM2.70 per litre?

What the hell?


21 Responses

  1. yes welcome to hell 🙂

  2. Then when it rains, you can hang around with the rempits under the bridge.

  3. suddenly Sudirman’s song Basikal Tua came to my head!! ayooooo… that’s going to annoy me the whole evening!

  4. Aren’t I glad not to be driving…I *heart* public transport!

    nyeh nyeh nyeh…

  5. i’m speechless about the price hike.

    but jeevs is a ding dong 🙂

    jom, board a bus from Kota Raya!

  6. spiller,

    Thanks, I think.


    I dunno whether the mat rempits would let me hang out with them.


    Hahahaha. That is such an old school song.


    London Underground sucks…


    41% increase! OMG! One full tank for me used to be around RM90. Now, it’s RM126!

  7. what? are you saying i’m old??!! 😡

  8. My math sucks. Is it really 41% increase. Blimey. To quote Sean Connery: Intolerable!

  9. you ppl tsk tsk…always expect the government to subsidize u this and that! when will enough be enough! hahahahaahahha

  10. before you do, better update your will lah. it’s dangerous enough for bikes as it is.

    can i have the ps3? thanks.

  11. I chup Owen’s jersey.

  12. yati,

    Just the song. :p


    It’s pronounced ‘inshtolerablesh’.


    Hahah. Edjeet.



    Lils again,

    Okay. Reserved for you.

  13. or ride a horse…hahaha..

  14. Actually that’s quite true…today i got f*cked so high up the arse that I really wanted to get a runaway train and be an underground rebel…

    “This train is not in service due to a person taken ill on the platform”

    Throw the bugger on the rails la!

  15. LOL… Jeeves, you must be somewhere on the northern line 😛

  16. Yati,

    OMG – how did you figure that out ?!?! (not sure whether to be more amused or sarky at your response)

    You get shafted by the tube often?

  17. Yati,

    must say am quite surpsrised how you figured that out…especially since the Circle and District can be a real pain too!

  18. LOL… i have my sources 😉 a colleague of mine text me to let me know about someone taken ill on the northern line… but by then i was nicely sitting at my desk at work because i get the overground nowadays… i only take that wretched line on my way home when i need to stop by sainsbury 😛

  19. Sainsbury mana?

    Clapham, Tooting?

  20. or balham or colliers wood 😛

  21. The Colliers Wood one is huge – but you maybget beaten to death tho…

    Cik Puan tinggal mana?

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