I really have to apologise for the lack of posts these days. So much is happening in my life, that the days just seem to zoom pass, leaving a somewhat confused, slightly bewildered and extremely exhausted anttyk behind – scratching his head and blinking in surprise. Where have all the time gone?

I foresee that this will continue till early October.


13 Responses

  1. know what you mean dude… not enough hours in the day eh? don’t forget to breathe ok…

  2. write bout ur cambodia trip!! woohooooo

  3. yati,

    Thanks! Heheheh. I will.


    Maybe later… 😉

  4. Dang, I miss your lame jokes anttyk 😦

    I haven’t been blogging much either. Most of my online time is spend playing mobwar hehe

  5. lily,

    Here’s one just for you.

    Q: What did the hen say after laying 100 eggs?

    A: I am eggshausted.

    Haha. :p

  6. I like your fish! nyah~

  7. cambodia n mongolia sound so familiar :p

  8. more food photos for you to drool on my blog 😉

    i was about to say, lily don’t encourage him on the lame jokes… but i guess i was too late…

  9. What about posting pictures of your new office and colleagues?!?

  10. lazy anttyk!

  11. TTJ,

    Hiya! How’s life outside? 🙂






    No lar. Scared. Later maybe.


    Blek! :p

  12. life is ….. peaceful out here. damn free for now. haha. and yea, where are the pictures of your new slaves and office

  13. TTJ,

    Haha. Enjoy your little ‘break’. I don’t have slaves anymore. No little meek minions at my beck and call.


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