Recently, I discovered termites at home. Sigh… We called the ‘terminator’ and scheduled an inspection.

The joker showed up, and without consulting us, started spraying shit all over the house. My home now smells like the inside of a local government hospital.

On a happy side note though, the chemicals appear to be stopping the millipedes that have been plaguing my porch these past few weeks.

This is just one day’s worth of those little buggers. All dead.

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  1. hmmmm… if i was a bird looking at that photo sure geram!! but then since they full of poison, matilah :-p

  2. Poor fo-che-chungs!

  3. that’s one day’s worth?!? yikes!!!

    really living with nature…

  4. yati,

    The pest controller insisted that the poison is non-toxic to humans. Not sure if he’s telling me the truth.


    I can save some for you, for your next trip back.


    Ya… Dunno where they come from, and why they seem to be so attracted to my house. Hmm…

  5. grosssssssssssssss

  6. if it’s not poisonous, maybe can marinade with black pepper and oyster sauce, then fry until crispy.

  7. siaoyue,



    Marinade with black pepper and oyster sauce? Then fried? Haha. Sounds yummy.

  8. Ewwwwwwwww! Poor things though…

  9. yeeeeee, so gross.. i hate these buggers!

  10. Mic… Err… Enkemeniel,



    Raub has no millipedes meh?

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