Sometimesh I feelsh so damn proudsh of my countrysh. Hic!

A fushkingsh spacesh tourish went to spacesh on our hard earned taxsh money. Did shome stupid ass shit up there, that ish of no value to Malaysiansh. Hic!

Fuckingsh wrote a self-indulgent booksh on hish so called historic journey. Hic! What was so groundbreakingsh about what he didsh? Five other spacesh tourists wentsh up before him. Read that againsh… Five!!! All that monkey buttocksh did wash strapsh hisself to hish sheet and hope he doesn’t shit himshelf on the way to spacesh.

And now, I heardsh hesh getting a Datuksheep.

Brilliant sheet. Hic! These grass-eating, wooly mammals grow on trees now, isshit?

No wonder this country ish going to the dogsh. Even a spacesh tourish can be knightedsh.

Jush don’t liwat me, you motherfushkersh. Hic!


PS: Ash you can tell, I am sho upshet, I got myshelf drunksh. Sheet. Thish is damn depresshingsh.


5 Responses

  1. You din mention that he’s a part time modelsh???

  2. and half reshtaurant entrepreneursh.

    I thought Nicol’s datukship was waaaaay more deserving.

  3. drink up, anttyk! 😛

  4. siaoyue,



    Nicol David is a bit too young to be a Datuk… It’s wierd.


    Best advice I’ve heard this week! Cheers… Hic!

  5. Soon the book may be introduced to the education system. 😛

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