Riding my bicycle to work is indeed hard work. Tribulations abound ranging from the brilliant Malaysian drivers to the thick dust to the hot cruel sun’s relentless pounding.

Thank you Pak Lah for increasing the price of fuel. You have made my life so much better. I hope you are nice, cool and comfortable in your air-conditioned, chauffer-driven automobile.

Thank you for making everything dearer. I love standing outside the bakery, staring at the lovely fresh bread and buns that I can no longer afford. I hope you spare a thought for us poor Malaysians when you dine on your lobster thermidor and pate de foie gras tonight.

= = =

The rising cost of living prompted me to do some research on inflation (I am weird like that). Did you know that Zimbabwe’s latest annual inflation figure stands at around 9,000,000%?

Wah lau.  0_o

Nine million percent. How is that even possible? Madness.

Mugabe should just resign. Maybe he could learn from Pak Lah – tell the Zimbabweans to ubah gaya hidup.

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11 Responses

  1. do you seriously cycle to work? from shah alam to where? waaah…you’re going to be so fit.

  2. *shock*

    you actually cycle to work??!! you must have a tight arse by now! 😛

    we’re suffering to over here in good ol’ blighty. my weekly grocery stays the same but the price has shot up! i’m starting to plant my own vege now. come september i should have corn and carrots. tomatoes dah keluar buah dah… just have to wait for them to ripen. soon i should be able to pick my own salad 🙂

    while i’m doing this, the MPs are claiming about £2000 a month (per MP) for grocery expenses… mana adil!

  3. Yati: I don’t need a ‘John Lewis’ expense account…’Tesco’ account cukup dah!

  4. Yati: Actually ‘Pound Shop’ account pun boleh…

  5. Jeevs: no more John Lewis lah… the MPs have ‘scaled down’ to IKEA. 😛 and pound shop rocks! but cannot feed melah… i like to keep my montel figure 😛

  6. Lily,

    Haha. No ler. I am just being a little over dramatic. But to be honest, I am looking to buy a bicycle, but can’t afford it. 😦


    I’ve got black thumbs. Anything I plant, dies. Horribly. Sigh.


    Jeevan? Is that what you are calling yourself these days? Haha. Jeevan.


    That’s much better.


    Have you heard about the Terengganu state excos and state officials? They have just switched from Protons to the latest Mercedes-Benz E200 Kompressors. Their excuse? It’s cheaper. Hahahahahaha. Amazing logic.

  7. the proton’s gear box is more expensive to fix if rosak la! and in the long run the MB saves petrol..HAHAHAHA…

  8. erm which bread did you wanna buy? chicken floss? hot dog with mayo? come, i belanja you!

  9. most of my plants dielah… unfortunately i don’t inherit my mom’s green fingers… ok… maybe one or two fingers as out of the millions (a ‘slight exaggeration) of seeds i sow probably around 30 hiduplah.

    well then… maybe the proton manufacturers should think about manufacturing more efficient cars or even greener cars. i thought Malaysia boleh what…

  10. siaoyue,

    The Mercedes-Benz wheel nut alone costs more than the Proton’s gearbox.


    Thanks! I like the raisin bread. 🙂


    Haha, at least 30 survived.

    Malaysia sure boleh. Boleh mengagung-agungkan mediocrity.

  11. […] Offer to pick you on his bicycle in view of rising petrol costs (Maybe only anttyk would be capable of such things..) or worst, not even offering to pick you or suggesting you take public transport?  But nothing […]

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