Here is where I struggle to earn my daily bread, manfully shrugging off the agony inflicted by the slavemaster’s cruel whip on my badly scarred torso and back.

If you peer closely, you may be able to spot the shackles under the desk.

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  1. WAH!! so tidy one!

  2. from a room to a cubical?

    btw, is that a mirror on top right corner? because the door seems misleading..

  3. yati,

    Haha. No choice. The whole world can see what you have on your desk.


    Ya lor… 😦

    There’s no mirror. The door is the oddity, and serves no function.

  4. alamak how to chat on msn or surf the net…

  5. your colleague in the cubicle behind you… the comic strip he has on his partition.. why does he need it? don’t you share your collection of jokes with him/her?

  6. Cubicles… don’t we just ‘love’ them?

  7. so is my work place. but i don’t care and i have papers and files strewn everywhere because i know it annoys dragon lady and she can’t tell me off because she’s not my manager! HAH!

    i’m going to make you my role model now… i’m going to try (not too hard though) to keep my desk tidy! 😀

  8. Monica,

    Ya lorr… Cannot surf in peace. Also MSN is blocked. 😦


    The cubicle behind me is a common area, for lower ranking slaves. Haha.

    Kay Nestum,

    Yes, we do.


    I thought the Dragon Lady loves going behind your back and complain to your boss?

  9. You should put on weight so you can hide your screen from the person behind you.

  10. lily,

    What? And risk destroying this tight, well sculpted body of mine? :p

  11. I’m the owner of a popular brand now.

  12. if ur msn is blocked..try la meebo..hehe

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