What is the difference between a snowman and a snowwoman?



18 Responses

  1. what? you can hear me groan all the way over there? 😛

  2. *bangs forehead on keyboard*

  3. *faints*

  4. yati,

    Oh yes I can… Hehehe.


    qwertyuiop12846ohoiausdflknv… :p


    Medic! Medic!!!

  5. OMG….that is bloody lameeeeeeeee

  6. Adui… he he he..

  7. credit given for the effort… but not too baddddddd 😛

  8. hey! there was discussion on the news about what is the oldest joke and it was on the paper too! i should have kept it for you… but forgotlah as i thought the jokes were lame and threw the paper away! 😛 i don’t think you needed any more encouragement!

  9. siaoyue,


    Kay Nestum,

    Glad you liked it! 🙂

    Flick cHick,

    Thanks. Haha…

  10. i like this joke ngek ngek

  11. If the recession ever gets the job – you can personally reignite “Jangan Ketawa” – don’t worry, we promise not to laugh…

  12. You know what’s a bigger joke than this:

    Someone actually wants to buy Barton…

  13. tommy,

    I’m glad you did! 🙂


    Hahhaahha. It’s good to have a backup career, in case this one goes belly up!

    Actually, Barton is quite talented. Lose that baggage, and he could be a great player.

  14. Tailo,

    Am going north to see the boys take on you fellas this Sunday.

    The Keegan jibes will surely be sung in high spirits!

  15. Jeeves, take Owen’s picture in the stands!

  16. Jeevs,

    How was your trip? :p


    Owen wasn’t there… 😦

  17. ehem… Jeevs… good match eh? 😛


  18. wah..still celebrating ah?

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