Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah recently lamented that UMNO is perceived as a racist political party by normal Malaysians.

Well, no effin’ shit…

UMNO party leaders are a shining example of human brilliance. In one day, UMNO leaders excrete more crap compared to a herd of cows suffering from bad cases of diarrhoea in a year.

Bukit Bendera UMNO Chief, Datuk Ahmad Ismail recently said this at a ceramah.

… the Chinese were only immigrants it was impossible to achieve equal rights amongst races.

Subsequently, we have our Prime Minister, Pak Tidur Lah defending him.

He didn’t mean it… I will talk to him.

What a great display of bullshit effective leadership. I feel so confident now. Ahmad Ismail will repent of his racist ways, apologising to all Malaysians in a humble and contrite manner.

At the same time, our Deputy Prime Minister is talking through his erm… (some orifice that rhymes with gas).

… independence gained in 1957 should not be mortgaged to others.

Err… How do you exactly mortgage independence, Mister Deputy Prime Minister? He further continued.

If we do not safeguard the nation’s independence, we will only be left yearning for it if we (the Barisan Nasional) lose power.

WTF? How would that happen? We become a British colony again? 

Pakai otak a bit can or not?

And who can forget that village idiot, Badruddin Amiruldin (ex-Jerai MP) and his “keluar Malaysia” and “keling” remarks in Parliament?

And Mahathir wonders why this year’s National Day celebration seems a tad muted.

= = =

Toon lost. Dagnabbit.


10 Responses

  1. I am proud to be a Chineseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. happy merdeka day… and i’m embarrassed that there are shallow thinking people in parliament. i have to say that i’m proud to be Malay and Malaysian and i’m proud to have friends from different races surrounding me… and i do believe that all of us (races) were immigrants at one point in time far in the past… but in the present we are all Malaysian.

  3. Did any Orang Asli say “the Malays are only immigrants…”?

  4. What BN doesn’t realise is that race based politics is dying a slow, sure death.

    Supporting the opposition doesn’t mean giving up on your country – it means you want some quality in parliament.


  6. become british colony ok what.. get to earn in british pound.. get to enter UK without needing visa.. 😛

    weh.. wtf is wrong with ashley ah? KK gone already?

  7. Ashley looks like an ageing poofter

  8. if the rumours are true… i can’t believe that NUFC board actually thought of selling Owen off!! GILA!!!

  9. I feel quite sorry for Barton now

  10. siaoyue,

    Haha. Chineseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…


    Precisely. We are Malaysians. Shouldn’t that be enough? Sigh…


    I wouldn’t know.


    The problem is that the ‘leaders’ are too blind to see this.


    Yes. It is true…. 😦


    He’s gone.


    He does. I hope he goes… He’s worse than the Halls and Fat Freddy Shepard.


    Sigh… I don’t know what’s going on in NUFC these days.


    Me too… 12 games? For something that happened so long ago? Damn… Why?

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