WTF Sign of the Day

I came across this sign in the men’s loo at my client’s office. I wonder which genius put this up.


9 Responses

  1. lolololololololol… just because you flush the toilet doesn’t mean that the smell doesn’t linger! they need to put febreeze or any other spray stuff and add ‘if it’s really bad please don’t hesitate to use the gun provided’ or something like that…

  2. but, but, all I had was a bottle of Givenchy! that’s why I didn’t flush!

  3. so.. i your business session is long, you should flush continuously?


  4. hahahhahah!!!! this is so funny man!!!

  5. wtf………………..

  6. total nonsense lar… there’ll be constant flushing all the time then if many ppl are doing their ‘big’ business??

  7. Sound advice.

  8. but the flush still sounds better than “doom doom doom” right? right?

  9. yati,

    My point exactly.


    You drink perfume?


    The note indicated that you should be flushing continuously as you bake the cake…






    Hahah. Apparently so.




    “Doom doom doom” sounds likes the song Deekin the bard sings in that Neverwinter Nights game.

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