Goh Tai Lai



23 Responses

  1. hmmm… yours?!? 🙂

    if it is… its about time!!!

  2. I’ve received the card! 😉

  3. oh hey! congrats! :))

  4. congrats bro!

  5. waaaah!!! congrats!! when will it be??!! where’s my card??!!

  6. GAME OVER Anttyk?

    ….err I mean Congratulations…

    Don’t bother with the card, I’ll obligingly crash it…just make sure it’s between 10/10 and 03/11…

  7. Where are the chickens?

  8. atai,

    Haha… Yup.


    See you soon!


    Thank you, auntie. 😉


    Thanks bro!


    You’re so far awaaaaayyy…


    Aiya! You missed it la…. Cheh! Come back earlier can or not?


    I ate them. They were good…

  9. erk..wot does Goh Tai Lai mean?

  10. congrats!!

    getting married rite?

  11. Who’s the legs?

  12. lily,

    A Chinese custom, where the groom brings some fruits, liquor, roast piggy, some chickens, biscuits and money to the bride’s house.


    Hahha. Yes… Thanks.


    Mums pottering about in the kitchen.

  13. scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Oooh..how exciting! Congrats Anttyk.

  15. Wow! Your bachelor pad suddenly turned into a big family place eh? 🙂 You will be the most handsome groom and seekarlui, the most beautiful bride ….can’t wait….can’t wait….see ya!

  16. Who are the chosen Heng Tai’s…sorry i’m missing it, celebratory drinks on me when i’m back…

  17. what you mean so far? if you told me about it in advance might have done something about the distance!! apalah :-p

  18. tommy,

    What la you!


    Thank you! 🙂


    Thanks old friend…


    Yes sir! We will be doing that, most definitely.


    Heheheh. Okay… Next time I’m in London, I’ll ajak you out. Me belanja, k? We need to commiserate about our stricken team.

  19. Congratulations! Have fun and enjoy the wedding process. It goes by way too fast, thought when planning it it may seem to go by way too slow (speaking from experience!)

  20. deal… as long as you belanjalah :-p we can go Jom Makan somewhere near Charing Cross 🙂 honeymoon london meh? 😉

    i try not to think about football at the moment 😦

  21. Congrats tony, have a fab day.

  22. wots this?

    depressed with the toon’s situation so u got married eh?

    congratulations, bro. 😀

  23. Hui Min, yati, Anne, 9…

    Thank you! 😀

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