Thank You

Seekarlui and I would like to thank everyone for the kind wishes, the cards and the red packets! Most of all, thank you for making our wedding a huge success.



11 Responses

  1. again… congrats to the two of you… and i have to praise you for you excellent choice of wear 😉

  2. Seekarlui looks like she is winning the arm wrestle.

  3. hahahah! damn cute you two! yes, excellent choice of wear! congrats once again!

  4. mana honeymoon

  5. Congrats Anttyk. Enjoyed looking at your wedding pictures. many ceremonies.

    p/s: It that the jersey I would have liked? hehe

  6. yati,

    Thanks! Toon toon… :o)


    I’m being gentlemanly, by letting her win.


    Thanks! 😀

    hengtai no.8,

    Dunno ler. No money. Going for sister’s wedding in NZ first.


    Ya lor… Thank you.

    p/s Yes. :p

  7. i really like this pic….something different!

  8. walauweh.. you’re a true toon lah..

  9. Su-su,

    Thanks. Hehehe.


    Errr… Got fake toons one meh?

  10. congrats again! can copy your photo idea for my own? hehe.

  11. This photo is UNIQUE! Nice one!

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