About Me

I am strange and really old. My hobbies include talking to myself and bitching about other people.

I post things on my weblog because I have no life, so I this is where I go to escape the harsh realities of life. Actually, life is not that harsh. I just need an excuse to justify the amount of time I spend online while surfing weblogs. I’ll edit this paragraph the moment I come up with a better reason. 😉

To send me hate e-mail: anttyk at gmail dot com.


18 Responses

  1. Yes. To put a stop to all this nonsense, you can post a message here for me. This way, I can have a proper conversation (in a way). You thoughtfulness will go a long way in helping me protect my sanity… Muahahahaha!

  2. Anthony! Cool blog!!! True Malaysian with all those food comments. My cousin and I (both in the US for the long haul) always talk about food with passion. I think Malaysians are constantly obsessed about our favourite pastime. Not many people drive 3-4 hours just to eat. Ryan has resigned that he’s going to marry a foodie and forever trying out weird foods!

  3. Hui Min, heh heh heh heh… Food is good. Come back fast so Suet Li and I can see (and feed) you.

  4. You are indeed strange Tony…Well, guess what? I still talk to my pillow…I had him since I was eight, the year I met you 🙂 LOL!!!!

  5. Errr… I can imagine the pillow’s smell right now. Shudder. Years and years of accumulated drool… Hahaha.

  6. Hui Min knows about it too! 😉 Yup, it even has the map of Christopher Columbus’s journey on the surface…hahahaha….My prized possesion……My Precious……Mine….MINE!!! HAHAHAHA! I’m too attached to it….and KP hates him cos he’s just jealous of it…hehehe.

  7. Yo, you’re not the only one who likes to talk to themselves..i do that all the time… ATUK, what can I say…. i’m really entertained by your blogs… now sitting in opis laughing by myself…. gee i hope my colleagues dun think i’ve gone cuckoo…….. i’m waiting for my driver errr…. i mean colleague to give me a ride home… you know la… my boop boop car got totally burned inside… sigh… feel like a cripple now…. asyik menumpang aje…. 🙂

  8. Aiyo… So kesian man you. Sayang. We take a ride in your new MyVi when it arrives, can?

  9. You seen it. You heard about it. Are you going to have one for yourself? Check this retro kit. Gazza and king keegan wore it during their time. It is definately better than their current kit. No sponsors, and no adidas on the kit. Just plain old black and white. Haha


  10. Expensive leh… GBP28 wor…

  11. Heyy Anthony .. im not sure if u remember me .. But i do remember you as one of my x-c/mate back in St-Pats centuries ago …the little ones with the big brains …hehehe.. = ) Foo (or Lisa or Suet Li) asked me to check out ur Blogs..cool eh, but dun hv much time to read..will do it laterr..and you…u look different .. but the hairstyle and the specky boy remains the same …Nice to know you doin gud in life now …wow..how time flies ..and til know i still wish if only i cud go back to my student’s life .. finding the meaning of life all over again … laterrrr…

  12. Hiya Rismawati,

    I am trying to recall what you look like. Too many cobwebs… Give me a moment. *korek old school pictures from dusty closet*

    Time sure flies… I miss St Patrick’s. How are things with you?

  13. Things are good..too many things happen since we left St Patrick 13 years ago…if u happen to be in Tawau, drop by to see ur our school..everything’s changed .. no more old buildings except the Dewan … *sigh* but Mrs Chin Still there …. too bad .. hehehe.. = p

  14. Ei? You are from St Patrick Tawau too? I was there too. But due to memory loss and some faulty hard drive, I can’t seem to recall most of my buddies.

    I’m subscribing to your blog. Just in case.

  15. I am also old enough to not have much else to do but sit here and read these blogs. Actually, I had never read a blog until two weeks ago when my son in another state asked me to collaborate with him on a blog. Now we both post and the other tries to find some common ground. Now I find myself wandering around in the blog universe – and I am enjoying myself.

  16. Anthony Tai?!wow…
    still remember me?

  17. Of course I remember you… 🙂

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