Who’s Who

It is inevitable that as this weblog grows older and longer (and as I become grumpier and my posts increasingly long-winded), readers will be wondering who these people are.

Here’s a summary, if you will.

This page will be updated regularly. Last update March 29, 2008.



My girl. 5 foot tall. Loves to do her ‘jee tin duk dei’ dance. Makes me laugh with her funny comments. Very compassionate and understanding. Obsessed with keeping doors and windows closed when the air-cond is switched on.

Becky aka Ninja

Seekarlui’s twin sister. Steamboat and fine foods addict.

Eh Lee

Also known as Kermit’s owner. Seekarlui’s younger sister. Great cook, makes the best ‘keah meaan‘ in the world. Loves to sleep.


Seekarlui’s small brother. Obsessed with car tyre pressures. Has a mysterious girl hidden somewhere known as 3938.

El Dee

Eh Lee’s toyboy. Footie nut, unfortunately supports the Mancs. My futsal kaki. Has the biggest collection of football jerseys in the universe.


My younger sister. My conspirator and confidant. Hopeless at climbing trees.

siao yue

Very excitable and entertaining. Loves her Bert very much.


Likes to wait for people in the ‘robby’. Cuts his hair in Setapak. God knows why. 😉


Gangster from Klang. Loves puppies and impersonating a chimney. Very fun to be around. She’s in Shanghai now, learning Chinese. I guess it makes sense, since she’s Vietnamese and all.

C. Lengus

Mumbles a lot. Has a great portfolio – very diversified, ranging from low risk to very high risk investments.


Chimney. Kaki mamak. Loves ball biscuits.

Kay See @ KC

Has big eyes. Scares children.


Proud owner of vibrating fingers. Girls go nuts for him. Currently in Sydney.


We called her Triple A.


Old man trapped in a young man’s body. Looks like Yoda. Losing hair (like me). Cannot dance to save his life. Damn funny. Has a sidekick known as Soo Jin, who looks like Bert.


Loves girls. Lots of girlfriends. Very loyal to Jacko. A little bit gay.


Macho fella, or so he thinks. Round and soft, like an over-ripe plum. Very kind. Bald once.

Daniel aka Yellow Chimpanzee

Ah Beng. Loves computer games. No girlfriend. Sexual orientation dubious. 🙂

TTJ aka Flirty

Colleague. Health freak and vegetarian. Very entertaining. My Tottie is scared to death of her.

Vince^ aka Vinass

Idiot. Old man. CS specialist. Very helpful and loyal to his friends. Long-winded too. Hahaha… I’ll miss the bugger now that he is in Hong Kong.


Party animal. Loves abalone soup. And mummy boys too.


Small. Cute. Quiet. Very efficient. My office pet.

Crazy Raccoon

Also known as salim. Skinny but hyperactive. Really really loves bakuteh.

Tommy aka Tomi Chai

My brother. Loves ‘bak kut teh’. Very loyal. Talks very fast when excited. Can’t drink. Likes fruits like papayas.


This is siao yue‘s Bert.


6 Responses

  1. Can u put a picture of Bert in here??? ke ke ke…

    anttyk: Can…

  2. Bert has an eyebrow… just notice it.

    anttyk: And a funny coloured nose.

  3. So ugly la this picture of bert. He’s had this shower already!! Please put up a more decent pic of my baby!!!!

    Hey anyone wanna sponsor me the RM79.90 bert at isetan as replacement to this old and smelly bert (look above) ha ha ha

    anttyk: Kesian your Bert.

  4. me can’t drink? roundup sure cannot finish la..na beh

    anttyk: Very interesting choice. Paraquat better, methinks.

  5. Bert has dirty Nose…its brownish.. filled with Balak’s Saliva d..

    anttyk: Yuck, man…

  6. pls remove that kakilepak ok…..that nick is tainted in other forum lei

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